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Faux and Live Plants, Wreaths and Succulents

Faux plants and succulents add dramatic flair to your decorating with little effort. Perfect for accenting areas without natural sunlight. Lush faux and preserved plants to fill your rooms with maintenance free texture and color. Go to: Faux, Dried and Preserved Botanicals, Wreaths, Live Plants, Planters, Faux Plants


Woven Toucan Pot Metal Wall Planter Ash Wall Planter
Artfully hand woven into the shape of a toucan, this rattan pot brings a fanciful touch to a favorite planting. Wall-mounted metal planter equipped with compartments and cubbies for holding a whole variety of little plants, herbs and ferns. Features a thick bordered edge. Modern-industrial wall planter featuring a slim hanging rod bracket that holds two metal buckets that offer a whole new way to display your go-to greenery. 


LIKHÂ Coco Coir Sloth Planter Metal Plant Shelf Terracotta 10” Planter And Stand
Sweet little sloth-shaped planter, made from coco coir by LIKHÂ to inspire your favorite plants to take their time blooming. Handmade from natural materials, the planter you receive will vary slightly in appearance and design from what’s pictured here - no two are exactly alike! Use with a planter or liner to keep dry (not included). Curate the perfect display space for your collection of leafy greens with this industrial-cool plant shelf. Metal frame features a trio of shelves with perforated bases that can be shifted around for a custom setup. Rustic terracotta planter that sits in an included cane stand featuring curving strands wrapping to intersect in a tripod construction with bound accents. Fits plants up to 10” wide

Port 68 Chow Square Planter with Stand
TORTUGA Platform Planter Chow Square Planter with Stand LIKHÂ Coco Coir Hedgehog Planter
Modernist planter showcasing a cylindrical vessel jutting out from a squared platform base. Made from concrete with natural stone terrazzo accents. Equipped with a recessed drainage area. Protective foo dogs are depicted on the square shaped planter. The vivid blue and white porcelain planter includes a black wooden stand. The planter is scaled for instant decorating with a single topiary or seasonal blooming plant. We like to use them on the mantle in pairs or on hallway plant stands. The planters make a classic welcome accessory to the room. Square porcelain planter. Wood composite stand. 9"Sq. x 12"T. Prickly little hedgehog-shaped planter, made from coco coir by LIKHÂ to give your favorite ferns a cute touch. Handmade from natural materials, the planter you receive will vary slightly in appearance and design from what’s pictured here - no two are exactly alike! Use with a planter or liner to keep dry (not included).


Face Pot Archer Planter Sonny Pot
Behind each of these sculpted faces is London-based ceramicist Kinska. Designing, shaping and painting each minimal expression by hand, she's crafted a collection of charming characters that have us smitten. Versatile concrete vessel that acts as a planter and stand or minimalist lidded storage piece. Semispherical vessel features a cylindrical lid with a divot for transitioning to a base stand. Features a drainage hole at base. Handcrafted from terracotta clay with a rustic finish, this planter makes an ideal gift for the budding gardener or botanical beauty in your life.


Vifah Martha Square Wicker Smart Self-Watering Planter Carley Footed Planter Ezzie Elephant Planter
Gia Giraffe Planter
This Smart Self-Watering Sandy Wicker Planter helps you to feel worry-free when busy working or on vacation or take a trip out-of-town! Product size - 12" L x 12" W x 16" W Modern standing planter featuring a cylindrical iron construction with mango wood pillar legs that frame your greenery with a crisp look. We love how bringing plants indoors creates a calming effect in any space. Featuring a gilded elephant silhouette, this pot is a fitting vessel for your most cherished botanical planting.

MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Tulipiere Large Planter, Odd Fellows
Dip-Dyed Planter Hanger Taylor Tulipiere Large Planter, Odd Fellows Habit + Form Square Planter
Macramé planter hanger with a dip-dyed finish, topped with a wooden loop for hanging and trimmed with a tassel at the base. Perfect for giving your greenery a boho-approved look we love.  Handmade planter is made of terracotta. Hand-painted in "Odd Fellows" print. After searching high and low for the perfect pots, we decided to design our own. *terrain* is proud to offer our practical pots, trays, and troughs in an array of shapes and sizes for large and small plants alike. Watertight construction prevents damage to indoor surfaces, while galvanized iron provides long-term durability.

MacKenzie-Childs Tartan Trio Planter
Tartan Trio Planter Heartfelt by Anthropologie Felted Wool Planter Cat Shaped Watering Can
Planter is made of ceramic. Depicts three tartan sheep with golden accents. Lovingly handcrafted in Nepal from sustainable wool, this felted planter makes a thoughtful housewarming gift or a present for any occasion - simply pair it with a vibrant seasonal planting. Add feline flair to your plant-care routine with this cat-shaped watering can. Our favorite part? The tail is the handle!

MacKenzie-Childs Small Flower Market Fish Planter MacKenzie-Childs Large Turtle Planter
Small Flower Market Fish Planter Large Turtle Planter Areaware Mini Stacking Planter
Planter is made of ceramic. Planter is made of resin. Approx. 14"W x 7"D x 5.5"T. Innovative design meets functionality with this stacking planter and drainage dish by Areaware. Dual design features planter and dish that nestle into each other to form rings stacking one on the other. Makes taking care of your plants equally easy and polished. With drainage holes at planter base.

MacKenzie-Childs Big Blue Pot Climber MacKenzie-Childs Large Big Blue Planter MacKenzie-Childs Turtle Pot Courtly Check Climber
Big Blue Pot Climber Large Big Blue Planter
Small Big Blue Whale Planter
Turtle Pot Courtly Check Climber
Pot climber is made of resin. Sits on the side of plant pots. Pieces may vary due to the handmade nature of each product. Approx. 4"W x 2"D. Planter is made of ceramic. Turtle pot climber made of hand-painted resin with signature Courtly Check® pattern. Pieces may vary due to the handmade nature of each product. Approx. 4"W.

MacKenzie-Childs Small Turtle Planter
Small Turtle Planter Text 4” Planter Spotted Cat Planter
Striped Tiger Planter 
Small planter made of resin. Approx. 11"W. Send a message with this petite ceramic planter featuring graphic text Whimsical, boho-inspired planter featuring a basin on top of a standing dotted cat figure made from ceramic and finished with a raw-hewn look.

Ari Leaning Planter Nix Wall Planter Ceramic Flared Base Planter
Modern and minimalist, this planter features a leaning ladder frame topped with three tiers of buckets for holding herbs, ferns, flowers and more with an industrial-cool feel. Make greenery the focal point of your space with this plastic wall planter. Features rectangular panels accented with five buckets for your favorite plants. Mounts to wall. Set on an angular flared base, this ceramic planter offers a geometric take on modern minimalism. With a raw speckled finish and cylindrical construction. Small size holds plants up to 2.5” wide and Large size holds plants up to 4.5” wide.

MacKenzie-Childs Turtle Terrarium
Turtle Terrarium Rica Plant Stand Lehana Ceramic Plant Stand
Turtle terrarium. Ceramic base with glass top. Pieces may vary due to the handmade nature of each product. Approx. 13.5"W x 10.5"D x 7.5"T. Wooden plant stand, perfect for creating an elevated display of greenery. Round design made from spiraled strands with raised edges and a trio of feet. Ridged ceramic side table featuring a glazed finish that showcases the rich texture. Semispherical construction sits on a pedestal base.

MacKenzie-Childs Large Turtle Planter MacKenzie-Childs Lunares Herb Pots With Tray, Set Of 3
Large Turtle Planter Ava Metal Planter And Stand Lunares Herb Pots With Tray, Set Of 3
Planter is made of resin. Let your greenery make a statement in this minimalist metal planter and included stand. Cylindrical planter features a rounded base that rests in the slim four-leg stand. Set includes three herb pots and one holding tray. Handcrafted of galvanized metal.

Isobel Planter Icon Shaped Plant Stake Brass Monkey Typographic Planters, Set of 2
Set a serene mood for growing with this squared ceramic planter, featuring softened edges and a pebbled texture accented with linear etching swirling across the surface. Finished with a drainage hole at the base Add a whimsical pop of color to your space with this metal plant stake with a nature-themed icon at the end Heavyweight planters features "Put it where the direct sun don't shine" and "I could really use a drink" typographic print. Includes a drain plug and dip tray. Made of porcelain and silicone. Approx. 8.16"L x 9.5"T x 8.2"W.

Live Plants

Microgreens Grow Kit 4" Live Assorted Succulents - Set of 4 2" Live Assorted Hardy Plant - Set of 20
Grow your own greens with this handy little kit that comes with two sets of seed quilts and a grow tray for harvesting your own fresh ingredients to have on hand while you’re doing your thing in the kitchen. Comes with everything you need to start growing! Hand-picked just for you in an eclectic array of assorted colors and textures, this collection of 4 stunning succulents is the perfect living décor piece for your home or event! Each plant comes fully soil-rooted in a 4-inch plastic pot, carefully packaged to be mailed to your door and ready to use as is or be transplanted into a ceramic pot, terrarium or DIY gardening project - get creative! Succulents are sun-loving, drought-tolerant plants that thrive both indoors + outdoors. Each pack comes complete with care instructions on how to keep your new plant friends oh-so happy.  Perfect as events, party favors, creating a terrarium garden or installing plant wall, this pack of 20 low maintenance cacti, aloe plants, hawthorias + other succulents was hand-picked for an eclectic assortment of colors and textures just for you! These specific plants are built to last for more difficult living conditions or plant parents with less of a green thumb: all each plant requires is to be watered every 1-1.5 weeks! 

Faux, Dried and Preserved Botanicals

Echeveria Garden in Metal Container T&C Floral Company Hydrangea in Silver/Gold Scoop Container T&C Floral Company Baby Log Filled with Sedum
Echeveria Garden in Metal Container Hydrangea in Silver/Gold Scoop Container Baby Log Filled with Sedum
A cluster of succulents are nestled in a sculptured shaped metal container. Handcrafted floral made of polyester. Approx. 11"Dia. x 11"T. Silver metal scoop container with gold finished interior. Filled with faux hydrangea, natural preserved moss, and amethyst, quartz or blue calcite. Approx. 10"W x 11"D x 14"T. Wood log base filled with faux sedum and quartz or amethyst. Approx. 18"W x 5"D x 4"T.

T&C Floral Company Baby Log Filled with Calcite & Aloe John-Richard Collection Moody Blues John-Richard Collection Imagine Succulent Arrangement
Baby Log Filled with Calcite & Aloe Moody Blues Imagine Succulent Arrangement
Wood log base filled with blue calcite and faux aloe plant. Approx. 18"L x 4"W x 5"T. Blue tinted gilded succulent is nestled in a golden tone bowl. Handcrafted polyester and glass. Approx. 9"L x 10"H x 9"W. Gilded succulent is nestled in rolled marble and set in a gold finished round bowl. Handcrafted polyester, glass, and marble. Approx. 36"L x 24"H x 30"W.


Miss Daisy Large Dried Flower Bouquet, Pink/Green Dried Palm and Oat Bouquet Dried Palm Bouquet
Bring the feeling of endless summers and bright landscapes into your living space with Miss Daisy's natural dried floral bouquets. These hand made in the USA dried bouquets will bring joy to any room and brighten any shelf. They make the perfect everlasting gift for anyone, no green thumb required! Arrangements are made up of all natural and real hand painted flowers which may include: Palm leaves, sun palms, pampas grass, ornamental grass, baby's breath, misty, wheat stalks, bunny tail grass, feather whisps, billy balls, star flowers and other beautifully toned elements. This dried bouquet is lovely on its own or as part of an artful arrangement - it's a decorative touch that's always in season. Dried and arranged by hand, this palm bouquet delivers a tropical flourish to your space that will last through the seasons.


Nearly Natural Boxwood Spiral Topiary w/ Planter Nearly Natural 6' Artificial Robellini Palm Tree Nearly Natural Agave Artificial Succulents in Rectangular Planter
Spiral shaped boxwood Includes planter For indoor or outdoor use. Invoke a tropical feel in your home or office with the lifelike design of this artificial Robellini palm tree from Nearly Natural. Its classic shape includes a stout trunk and more than 600 leaves ready to sway in the breeze. A fresh accent for a shelf or windowsill, Nearly Natural's artificial agave succulents feature verdant bursts of color in a sleek rectangular planter.

Nearly Natural 6' Artificial Bambusa Bamboo Tree 6' Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Nearly Natural 5.5' Areca Palm Artificial Tree in Blue Planter
Thousands of airy, verdant leaves hang down from the multiple natural wood stalks of Nearly Natural's 6-foot tall artificial Bambusa bamboo tree, making it a stunning, Zen-inspired choice for an office, den or studio. Multiple trunks rising out of a sleek pot burst into the broad-leafed majesty of Nearly Natural's faux fiddle leaf fig tree to bring fresh style to any space. Radiating a relaxing vibe, from bright blue planter to lifelike thin green leaves, Nearly Natural's areca palm artificial tree refreshes any space.

MacKenzie-Childs Radish and Root Centerpiece MacKenzie-Childs Radish and Root Topiary  
Radish and Root Centerpiece Radish and Root Topiary Nearly Natural 6' Kentia Tree w/ Bamboo Planter
Centerpiece is made of tin, Styrofoam®, and polyresin. Approx. 20"W x 12"D x 12"T. Topiary is made of tin, polyresin, and Styrofoam. Approx. 11"Dia. x 28"T. Who likes bamboo? You do. That's why you'll love this Kentia and Bamboo planter combo. Not only is it beautiful, with bright, striking leaves housed in an elegant bamboo planter, but it will add a touch of class to any room that it is placed in, and is sure to be a favorite part of your décor. Whether it's in the home or office, it's sure to set a mood of faraway lands and vacations yet taken.

Areca Artificial Palm Tree Nearly Natural 4.5' Areca Palm Artificial Tree in Red Planter Nearly Natural 4' Multi Bambusa Artificial Tree
Gives your sun room a tropical feel Lush areca foliage grows out of three trunks Crafted with care for a natural look Perfect for home or office Recommended for indoor use or a covered, protected outdoor location Silk floral arrangements are manufactured using synthetic materials and are well designed and constructed to be life-like in appearance. Large green fronds burst from multiple stalks in this lifelike areca palm artificial tree from Nearly Natural. Enhanced by a bold pop of color from its striking red planter, the tree provides a bright centerpiece display in a foyer. Freshen up your home or office space with the breezy, life-like design of this artificial bamboo tree with slender silk-like leaves from Nearly Natural.

Nearly Natural Boston Fern w/Burlap Planter, Set of 2 Nearly Natural Hibiscus w/ Vase Silk Plant Nearly Natural Spider Artificial Plant Hanging Basket
Set of two Beautiful fern leaves Attractive burlap planters Makes a neat gift If you need "splashes of color everywhere" in your next floral arrangement, then this Hibiscus is an excellent choice. The flowers in this setting are prominent and pleasant to view, but the real treat is the little dashes of color scattered throughout the leaves. It's almost as much fun to find where the color stands out most as it is to simply enjoy them. Comes with a beautiful vase. Wispy duotone greenery trailing namesake clusters, the Nearly Natural spider artificial plant's flossy soft leaves spill over its wicker hanging basket.


Faux Ruscus Leaf Garland Faux Ruscus Leaf Backdrop Faux Spring Flower Garland
Set a dreamy, boho scene with this garland featuring faux ruscus leaves along the length for rich texture and soft hues we love. Whether you’re creating a dreamy scene in your sanctuary space or setting the mood for your next hang, this curtain featuring strands of faux ruscus leaves is so serene. Get your bloom on with this faux floral garland featuring colorful buds scattered across a length of greenery that never wilts.


Shelf Mushroom + Moss Wreath Faux Hydrangea Garland Fresh Bay & Olive Wreath
Hand-crafted from deep green moss, sponge mushrooms, and twists of grapevine, this unusual wreath is equal parts whimsical and woodsy Refresh any corner with this dreamy faux hydrangea garland, featuring realistic-looking blooms that transform your space into a secret garden. The paired textures of fresh olive foliage and bay leaves draw the eye to this fragrant wreath, each one hand-crafted in California.


Fresh Bay Leaf & Olive Garland Fresh Rosemary Wreath Fresh Eucalyptus + Bay Leaf Garland
Made from fresh bay leaves and olive branches, this lush garland makes a textural addition to the home. This densely woven wreath of fresh rosemary makes a bright and aromatic addition to the home. Fresh, fragrant, and festive, this full garland is lush with two types of eucalyptus and bay leaves.

  MacKenzie-Childs Seaside Wreath
Nearly Natural 24" Sweet Bitter Wreath Fairy Curtain String Lights Seaside Wreath
An ideal piece for your front door and interior walls. Made entirely of faux sweet bitter. Gives off an autumn feel with its orange/red tint. Made with care Item may need to be re-shaped when removed from box; wipe clean with a soft dry cloth. Recommended for indoor use or a covered, protected outdoor location. Get your twinkle on with this sparkling curtain of string lights. Create a sparkling wall of light that takes your room to a magical new place. Natural wreath base with natural and fossil twigs.

Pompom Tassel Garland Lemon Vine Table Runner Multicolor Pompom Garland
Set a jolly mood in your space with this pompom garland, featuring a long, rope strand with multicolor poms allover interspersed with tassel accents. Add a fresh-squeezed burst of summertime style to your home decor with this faux lemon vine runner. It creates a stunning centerpiece for a table, but can also be used to adorn a mantel, shelf, or sideboard. Top your space with a festive trim with this jolly pompom garland, featuring a long, twisted rope strand with multicolor poms all over.

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