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Global Candle Holders Inspired by Asia, Africa and the Pacific

Global candles, candle holders and incense from around the world. A wide array of styles to add interest, texture, color and romance. Go to: Candle Holders and Candles, Lanterns, Votives, Candle Sconces, Incense, Mood Lamps

Candle Holders and Candles

Paddywax Glass Taper Candle Holder Crane Taper Holder Moon Phase Taper Candle Holder
Tinted glass taper candle holder by Paddywax, featuring bubbled shaping and sweet hues that cast a whimsically dreamy mood. Mix and match with your candle colors to set a fresh vibe. Brass, iron Summon a lunar energy to your space with this iron taper candle holder featuring moon phases in a linear arrangement up the neck. Finished with a flat, round base. 

Michael Aram Mixed Palm Candleholders, 2-Piece Set
Mixed Palm Candleholders, 2-Piece Set The Munio DIY Candle Making Kit Dusen Dusen Taper Candle - Set Of 2
Handcrafted candleholders. Made of antiqued gold-tone metal and marble. Set includes 9"W x 17"T candleholder and 10"W x 21"T candleholder. A thoughtful gift for the candle lover in your life, this kit comes with everything you need to craft three soy wax votive candles. Set of two textural, unscented paraffin wax taper candles by Dusen Dusen. Comes in rich, saturated hues that bring a modern touch to a glowing accent for your space.


Sarah Short Floral Taper Candle Set Winnie Floral Taper Candle Set Shaped Candelabra
Bring blooming ambiance to your space with this trio set of short taper candles made from wax with pretty dried flowers scattered within. Unscented.  Give your next dinner a romantic touch with this set of four taper candles featuring dried florals inlaid along the paraffin wax.  Ceramic candelabra with shaped detailing and a rustic finish that illuminates your space with a sweetly boho glow. Holds three taper candles - sold separately.

Ombré Taper Candle Set Dusen Dusen Taper Candle - Set Of 4 Tobi Taper Candle Holder
Bring a colorful glow to your next tabletop display when you set the mood with these ombré-hued taper candles. Set of 4 candles with rounded shaping and single wick on each. Unscented.  Set of four ridge-textured paraffin wax taper candles by Dusen Dusen. Comes in a variety of rich, saturated hues that bring a modern touch to a glowing accent for your space. Geometric shaping with a smooth, sleek finish gives this ceramic taper candle holder a modernist feel we love. 

Elizabeth Taper Candle Holder Sun Candelabra Color Drip Candlestick Set
Ceramic taper candle holder that adds a whimsical look to your glowing space. Featuring a standing design made from spheres in a speckled finish.  Send beams of flickering light through your space with this sun-shaped candelabra. Like a sun peeking over the horizon line, it features five holders for standard taper candles (sold separately), rendered in an antiqued-finish metal. Color everywhere with these drip-wax candlesticks. Set of 2 unscented candles features layers of colored wax for a vivid effect when melting.

Iron Candle Dish Carved Taper Candle Set Vase-Shaped Taper Candle Holder
Crafted exclusively for terrain, this iron candle dish is a simple, elegant addition to the tabletop. Duo set of elegant, boho-inspired taper candles accented with textured patterns etched into the surface.  Let your space bloom with light when you put this vase-shaped taper candle holder on display. Bohemian ceramic design is a vase rendered in miniature and sized perfectly to fit your favorite tapers

8 Oak Lane Gold Bamboo Candlestick Set
Lex Pott Twist Duo Standing Taper Candle Gold Bamboo Candlestick Set Aviva Taper Candle Holder
Freestanding dual-end taper candle by Netherlands designer Lex Pott with a single piece paraffin wax construction that channels the inherent flexibility of wax to showcase a simply standout form with a swirled base that stands out as much as a sculpture as it does when lit. Unscented candle with two wicks. Set of two candlesticks made of metal with bamboo motif. Approx. 9.8"T. Textural ceramic taper candle holders featuring etched detailing carved along the cylindrical shaping

LADORADA Bull Horn Candleholders Nambe Aquila Candlesticks Jan Barboglio Movimiento Candlestick Holder
Bull Horn Candleholders Aquila Candlesticks Movimiento Candlestick Holder
Handcrafted pair of dark polished bull horn candleholders set atop a German silver base. Carefully selected natural materials allow for infinite variations resulting in one-of-a-kind designs. Ethically sourced bull horn and German silver. Candlestick feature gently turning spiral design. Made of aluminum alloy. Set of two. Approx. 10"T. Candlestick holder made of iron. Approx. 13"W x 5"D x 16"T.

Green Jay E-Lighter Tall Lantern Taper Holder USB Candle Lighter & Flashlight
Flameless lighter from the earth-conscious innovators at Green Jay. Windproof lighter is perfect for hiking, camping or urban use with a combustion-free construction that’s the greenest way to light your rolls yet. Rechargeable design with a long-lasting battery and compact, disc-shaped design. Defined by a lean, tall silhouette, this understated lantern is the perfect place to display a taper candle. Designed to last forever, this eco-friendly lighter is perfectly suited for candle-lit nights, barbecues, campfires, and more. It utilizes flameless single ARC technology for a clean, butane-free ignition and is rechargeable through a USB port, providing up to 1,000 lights per charge. Even better? It features a built-in LED flashlight, so you can always see in the dark.

Lanterns, Votives and Pillar Candles

Ri-Ri-Ku Yin Yang Candle Ri-Ri-Ku Shell Candle Ri-Ri-Ku Cube Candle
Bring balance and glow to your space with this two-piece, yin yang-shaped wax candle by LA-based concept shop Ri-Ri-Ku. Two teardrop-shaped candles nestle together to create a yin yang, poured by hand and topped with a cotton wick for a clean burn. Make your space the stuff of beachy dreams with this shell-shaped wax candle from LA-based concept shop, Ri-Ri-Ku. Poured by hand and topped with a cotton wick for a clean burn. Bring a modern glow to your space with this cube-shaped paraffin wax candle by LA-based concept shop Ri-Ri-Ku. Made of rows of connected dogs, each candle is poured by hand and topped with a cotton wick for a clean burn. Unscented.


Slide View: 1: Concha Capiz Lantern
Lantern Pillar Candle Holder Landmark Galvanized Lantern Concha Capiz Lantern
Ambiance with a modern feel, this lantern features woven cane wrapped around curvy iron framing topped with a handle and finished with a glass cup at the interior. Fits a small pillar candle. Defined by a classic angular top, this understated iron lantern is the perfect place to display candles or strands of lights With a candle placed inside, this shimmering capiz lantern bestows a luminous glow in your home.

Horace Hurricane Ines Bamboo Lantern Seagrass Basket Lantern
This versatile piece can be used as a hurricane for pillar candles to illuminate a tablescape - or can house your favorite plant. Hand-woven bamboo, cotton rope, glass Crafted using seagrass that's been woven in a wide pattern, this natural lantern allows your candles to shine.

Railroad Lantern Revere Steel Lantern Pierced Orb Candle Holder
A modern take on a 19th century railroad station lantern, this iron vessel is a unique, vintage-inspired home for pillar candles. Inspired by the classic New England lantern, this metallic version is crafted from durable steel. Pair this iron-crafted candle holder with a pillar candle or tea light to elegantly illuminate an outdoor setting or bohemian-inflected interior.

Jamie Young Hibiscus Leaf Candleholder
Hibiscus Leaf Candleholder Woven Bamboo Hurricane Blue Diamond Concrete Lantern
Gold leaf hibiscus leaf candleholder. Made of resin and glass. Approx. 4.8"Dia. x 7.5"T. Shield your candle's flame from drafts with this elegantly woven hurricane - it's a decorative accessory that's perfect for an eclectic living room or nature-inspired tablescape. Crafted from concrete and glazed in a summery blue, this outdoor lantern casts a cool, modern glow on the patio with its diamond cut outs.

Jamie Young Palm Leaf Candleholder Global Views Large Beaded Curve Triple Candleholder Jamie Young Banana Leaf Candleholder
Palm Leaf Candleholder Large Beaded Curve Triple Candleholder Banana Leaf Candleholder
Gold leaf palm leaf candleholder. Made of resin and glass. Approx. 5.8"Dia. x 10.3"T. Our Beaded Curved Triple Candleholders are polished brass with a natural, organic texture. The smaller size can nest in the larger to create a two level candleholder. Made of brass and bronze. Holds three 3"Dia. candles. Approx. 13.3"Dia. x 7.75"T. Gold leaf banana leaf candleholder. Made of resin and glass. Approx. 5.8"Dia. x 10.3"T.

Rattan Votives, Set of 4 Carved Wood Hurricane Geo Rattan Hurricane, Natural
Inspired by your last tropical vacation, this glass votive set is finished with a rattan caged exterior. Designed exclusively by terrain, this hurricane is finished with a gorgeous white washed wooden base that features intricate carvings. Inspired by your last tropical vacation, this glass hurricane is finished with a rattan caged exterior.

Enchanted Flame Short Candleholder Jan Barboglio Copa Copota Candleholder
Enchanted Flame Short Candleholder
Enchanted Flame Tall Candleholder
Punched Iron Solar Lantern Copa Copota Candleholder
Beautifully crafted golden candleholder. Aluminum and glass. Crafted in a cool punched iron silhouette, this LED lantern is glowing with a warm white LED bulb, illuminating your outdoor gatherings. Hand-blown clear glass goblet with beaded iron stand. 5"Dia. x 6"T.

Jan Barboglio Copas Candelabra Candleholder Global Views Calade Pillar Candleholder - Medium Jan Barboglio Patria Angel Hurricane Candleholder with Nickel Finish
Copas Candelabra Candleholder Calade Pillar Candleholder - Medium Patria Angel Hurricane Candleholder with Nickel Finish
Forged three-arm candelabra with mouth-blown glass vessels on wax-cast iron base. 16"W x 8"D x 29"T. The Calade Pillar is an organic candleholder that creates a uniquely beautiful tablescape. Its organic forms create visual interest and can be layered or used alone. Holds two 3"Dia. pillar candles. Candles sold separately. Made of stone. Iron angel base with nickel finish. Mouth-blown glass hurricane top.

Jan Barboglio Jacinta Lighting D'Mesa Candelabra
Capri Blue Votives, Set of 6 Jacinta Lighting D'Mesa Candelabra
Pumpkin Clove: The scent of creamy, buttery pumpkin with a touch of orange zest is wrapped within a savory vanilla and cinnamon base. (SPICE) Spiced Cider: Sparkling berries and grapes mix with harvest apple and cinnamon within a soothing vanilla and Canadian fir base. (SPICE) Volcano: Tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens. (FRESH) Fir & Firewood: A fruity, green aroma of apple, clove, fir, pine needle, white birch, cedar, vetiver, and musk. (WOODSY) Heart candelabra made of metal and glass. Votives included. Approx. 24"W x 19"D x 18"T.

Jan Barboglio Pajaro D'Luz Candlestick Holder Jan Barboglio Torre Laurel Votive Vessel Slide View: 1: Capri Blue Pillar Candle
Pajaro D'Luz Candlestick Holder Torre Laurel Votive Vessel Capri Blue Pillar Candle
Graceful wax cast iron resting dove and forged candlestick holder with 6" wax grabber. Approx. 9"W x 6"D x 19"T. 2-in-1 mouth-blown glass with laurel etching. Rest atop an optional iron plate to prevent chipping. For votives, flowers, and beverages. Approx. 4"Dia. x 10"T. Volcano: tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes infused with exotic mountain greens (FRESH)

Whitehurst Smooth Candle Wax Pillar Whitehurst Smooth Candle Wax Pillar Whitehurst Smooth Candle Wax Pillar
Mirage pillars fit most standard candle holders, are remote ready and feature a programmable timer. Perfect for locations throughout your home, including hard-to- reach spots. Suitable for every decor and deliver ambience to all indoor settings. Mirage flameless LED candle. Mirage pillars fit most standard candle holders, are remote ready and feature a programmable timer. Perfect for locations throughout your home, including hard-to- reach spots. The deep hues pair beautifully with every decor and bring warmth to indoor settings. Mirage flameless LED candle. Mirage pillars fit most standard candle holders, are remote ready and feature a programmable timer. Perfect for locations throughout your home, including hard-to- reach spots. The deep hues pair beautifully with every decor and bring warmth to indoor settings. Mirage flameless LED candle. Product dimensions- 3" W x 5" H

PyroPet Einar Candle PyroPet Dreki Candle Pyropet Kisa Candle
You've found Einar, the mystical Icelandic Unicorn. Legend holds that he has a heart of gold. We can only vouch for the ribs and spine. Best to check for yourself. Dreki is one fierce looking dragon, and he has a fire in his belly! Melt him before he melts you! Dreki means "dragon" in Icelandic. A cute cat shaped candle reveals the wild beast inside her, a grinning metallic skeleton with fire blazing in her eyes!

Candle Sconces

Slide View: 1: Hammered Gold Sconce
Antoinette Candle Sconce Kenitra Sconce Hammered Gold Sconce
Hand-painted earthenware Hand-painted iron Hand-painted iron

Jan Barboglio Cuatro Brazos Lighting D'Pared Candle Sconce Jan Barboglio Espiritu d'Pared Right Sconce Jan Barboglio Guido Nest Candle Holder
Cuatro Brazos Lighting D'Pared Candle Sconce Espiritu d'Pared Right and Left Sconces Guido Nest Candle Holder
Old world hacienda forged iron sconce with four arms and 4.5" wax grabbers. Approx. 25"W x 5"D x 20"T.  Iron dove sconce with glass insert. Rest atop a tabletop or hang on the wall. Use for candlelight, buds, or branches for its nest. Made of iron and glass. Approx. 12"W x 4"D x 11"T. Handcrafted forged iron nest candle holder. Features glass votive insert. Approx. 9"W x 9"D x 11"T.


P.F. Candle Co. Incense Bamboo Wrap Incense
Natural charcoal incense by the apothecary experts at P.F. Candle Co. Hand-dipped in fine fragrance oil and packed with care in their LA studio, each kraft envelope contains 15 sticks that last an hour each! Simply place in a holder on a non-flammable surface, gently light the charcoal tip + extinguish then let the room fill with fragrance. Stick incense packaged in a bamboo case with a silk ribbon closure. Each set features fresh, rejuvenating scents that fill your space while offering a boho-fave ritual.


Essential Oil Incense Sticks Catherine Rising Incense Sticks, Set of 12 Smoke Perfume Night Cloud Incense 20-Pack
Cedarwood & Palo Santo: A rich, woodsy scent that soothes. (WOODSY). Rose & Geranium: Floral yet crisp, with bright citrus notes. (FLORAL) Whether used in the bedroom, your home office, or a meditation space, these incense sticks impart a beautiful scent and a sense of calm. Each is hand-rolled in copal and lagrima resin, which have been used for thousands of years in spiritual practices to cleanse, purify, and heal. Inspired by a New Orleans night with low-hanging clouds, glowing purple skies and electric air, Night Cloud by Smoke Perfume brings that mystery into your home. Effervescent and noir, featuring fragrant and powdery notes of lavender, allspice, oak moss and sandalwood. Made with plant-based resins, absolutes and essential oils, with no synthetics or charcoals for a clean burn. Each package contains approximately 20 incense sticks.


Zen Creature Incense Holder Man On The Moon Incense Holder + Ashtray Set Palo Santo Incense Stick - Set Of 3
Crafted from ceramic, this incense holder adds charm anywhere you place it. Set your sights on the stars with this vintage-look incense holder and ashtray set. Featuring 2 dishes - a crescent moon and man in the full moon, both made in a high-shine finish stoneware with etched detailing. Trio set of Palo Santo-scented incense sticks in a boho bundle with attached crystals for the best vibes. Burn one end and spread resinous smoke through your space to bring positive energy to your sanctuary.

Incienso de Santa Fe Natural Wood Incense Set Plant Makeup Incense Cone 4-Pack Incienso de Santa Fe Log Cabin Incense Burner Set
Natural wood incense burner set, featuring a handmade clay stand and 100 pieces of piñon incense bricks. When burned, the smoke is a soft smell of evergreen trees. Created in New Mexico. Purify your space with this 100% natural botanical incense handmade with love by Plant Makeup. Includes four incense cones in compostable packaging from recycled material. Plant-based, local ingredients are vegan, cruelty-free and GMO-free. Recreate the cozy, secluded vibe of a log cabin in the woods with this incense burner set inspired by the scented bliss of the American west. Includes a handmade clay stand in the shape of a cabin, and a box of 20 piñon incense bricks. When burned, the smoke is a soft smell of evergreen trees. Created in New Mexico.

Good & Well Supply Co. National Park Collection Incense Set Paddywax Haze Incense
Hand-dipped incense cones from Good & Well Supply Co’s National Park Collection that celebrates nature. Housed in an eco-friendly, recyclable aluminum tin with a functional lid that can be used as a burning surface. Each cone will burn for 20-30 minutes with a scent longevity of 2-4 hours. Made vegan, cruelty-free and in small batches in Seattle, WA with no petroleum, GMOs, lead or phthalates. Set the scene with this set of stick incense by Paddywax. Features 100 sticks packaged in a lidded glass vessel that doubles as an incense holder so you can enjoy fresh scents whenever you’re in the mood.

Mood Lamps

Himalayan Salt Sunrise Alarm Clock Brilliant Ideas Color Changing Salt Lamp Himalayan Salt Lamp
Rise and shine with rejuvenated vibes when you wake up to this sunrise-simulating alarm clock featuring a natural Himalayan salt base and wood-look top. Warm LEDs illuminate the time and temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius while emitting a cozy amber glow. Equipped with a snooze function. USB plug-in. Bask in the glow of this color-changing Himalayan rock salt lamp, fit with a sturdy wooden base and eight hues. Because this special item is made of natural materials, the dimensions and shape of the lamp you receive may vary slightly from the one pictured. Himalayan salt lamp fitted with a sturdy wooden base. Includes cord to plug into any outlet for easy use. Crafted from 100% natural salt. Try using different color bulbs for an awesome lighting effect!

Himalayan Salt Oil Warmer Lexon Mina Portable Table Lamp
Crafted from real Himalayan salt, this clever lamp casts a rosy glow and warms your favorite essential oil blends for a luxurious aromatherapy experience. Give your place a Space Age look with this ultra-sleek, portable table lamp by Lexon. Push to activate and enjoy a spectrum of color options that glow from the frosty-finish dome shade. Conical base offers a brushed metallic finish. Water-resistant design recharges via USB-C cable and features a dimming function.

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