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Global Candle Holders Inspired by Asia, Africa and the Pacific

Global candles, candle holders and incense from around the world. A wide array of styles to add interest, texture, color and romance. Go to: Candle Holders and Candles, Lanterns, Votives, Candle Sconces, Incense, Mood Lamps

Candle Holders and Candles

Ginkgo Candlestick Frida Candelabra Taper Candles, Set of 4
Each iron ginkgo leaf is hand-embossed and hand-painted, giving it an organic, cast-from-nature feel. Finished with gleaming pearly beads as an elegant touch. Vintage-meets-modern ceramic candelabra, designed to hold five taper candles in the designated slots, standing tall with a flared pedestal base to set the ambiance 15-hour burn time each. Unscented paraffin wax; braided cotton wick. Hand-dipped in Canada

Birch Log Taper Holder Scarlet Candelabra Iron Candlestick Dish, 6 Holders
This rustic home for taper candles brings a touch of warmth to outdoor gatherings. Combining a rustic aesthetic with the charm of petite woodland creatures, this candelabra is a centerpiece you're sure to cherish for seasons to come. A modern alternative to the classic candlestick, this candlestick dish holds six tapers.

Stacked Animal Taper Candle Holder Modern Shapes Candelabra
Sold individually. Holds one taper candle. Handcrafted stoneware Offering a modern interpretation of a classic candelabra, this sculptural piece offers a unique decoration for any dining table or mantelpiece.

Celestial Wire Taper Candle Holder Vase-Shaped Taper Candle Holder Crescent Moon Taper Candle Holder
Capture a spot of starlight in your space with this wire taper candle holder, featuring intermingled sun and crescent moon motifs rendered in a boho-inspired style complete with a round base. Let your space bloom with light when you put this vase-shaped taper candle holder on display. Bohemian ceramic design is a vase rendered in miniature and sized perfectly to fit your favorite tapers Bring celestial, boho energy to your space with this taper holder that stands a single candle with a wire crescent moon-shaped base.


Winnie Floral Taper Candle Set Ombré Taper Candle Set Bubble Taper Candle - Set Of 4
Give your next dinner a romantic touch with this set of four taper candles featuring dried florals inlaid along the paraffin wax.  Bring a colorful glow to your next tabletop display when you set the mood with these ombré-hued taper candles. Set of 4 candles with rounded shaping and single wick on each. Unscented.  Playful and dynamic, this set of four bubble-edge unscented taper candles lend a whimsical touch to your next soiree. Complementary hues set the scene with the coolest vibe.


Michael Aram Mixed Palm Candleholders, 2-Piece Set Michael Aram Safari Candleholder Jan Barboglio Movimiento Candlestick Holder
Mixed Palm Candleholders, 2-Piece Set Safari Candleholder Movimiento Candlestick Holder
Handcrafted candleholders. Made of antiqued gold-tone metal and marble. Set includes 9"W x 17"T candleholder and 10"W x 21"T candleholder. Handcrafted candle holder from the Safari collection draws from untamed expeditions into the wilds of nature. Made of brass with marble bass. Set of two. Approx. 14.5"T x 4"Dia. Candlestick holder made of iron. Approx. 13"W x 5"D x 16"T.

Elizabeth Taper Candle Holder Tobi Arch Taper Candle Holder Color Drip Candlestick Set
Ceramic taper candle holder that adds a whimsical look to your glowing space. Featuring a standing design made from spheres in a speckled finish.  Modern minimalist taper candle holder featuring a chunky, tubular arched shape with a slot at the top for holding a single candle. Color everywhere with these drip-wax candlesticks. Set of 2 unscented candles features layers of colored wax for a vivid effect when melting.

Sea Horse Candle Holder 0
Tobi Taper Candle Holder Sea Horse Candle Holder
Geometric shaping with a smooth, sleek finish gives this ceramic taper candle holder a modernist feel we love.  Embellished sea horse candle holder with hand-painted detail

Yui Brooklyn Cloud Shaped Candle Set Yui Brooklyn Lamp Shaped Candle Yui Brooklyn Knot Shaped Candle
Send your space to cloud nine with this trio set of shaped candles from Yui Brooklyn. Kawaii cloud candles come in a trio of sizes to make the mood dreamier than ever. Made from natural soy wax with cotton wicks free of lead and zinc. Unscented. An old-school interpretation of modern lighting, this kitschy-kawaii candle by Yui Brooklyn is shaped like an accordion shade lamp. Made from natural soy wax with cotton wicks free of lead and zinc. Unscented. Cross your fingers and make a wish on this little knot-shaped candle by Yui Brooklyn. Made from natural soy wax with cotton wicks free of lead and zinc. Unscented.

Yui Brooklyn Textured Shaped Candle Yui Brooklyn Abstract Shaped Candle Set Yui Brooklyn Squiggle Shaped Taper Candle
Composed of stepped layers that create graphic appeal with a color-pop finish, this shaped candle is designed by experimental candle lab, Yui Brooklyn. Made from natural soy wax with cotton wicks free of lead and zinc. Unscented. Set of four kawaii candles by Yui Brooklyn in a variety of abstracted shapes and color-pop finishes. Made from natural soy wax with cotton wicks free of lead and zinc. Unscented. Squiggly shaped taper candle by Yui Brooklyn with a freestanding, squared base and marbled finish. Made from natural soy wax with cotton wicks free of lead and zinc. Unscented.

Tall Lantern Taper Holder USB Candle Lighter & Flashlight
Defined by a lean, tall silhouette, this understated lantern is the perfect place to display a taper candle. Designed to last forever, this eco-friendly lighter is perfectly suited for candle-lit nights, barbecues, campfires, and more. It utilizes flameless single ARC technology for a clean, butane-free ignition and is rechargeable through a USB port, providing up to 1,000 lights per charge. Even better? It features a built-in LED flashlight, so you can always see in the dark.

Iron Match Striker Iron Candlestick Trough
Cast iron Crafted from durable iron that will age beautifully, this candlestick trough features five holders to create a dramatic glowing effect on the tabletop, effortlessly.

Lanterns, Votives and Pillar Candles

Jan Barboglio Ojo Rail Candle Holder Jan Barboglio Ojo Candlestick Jan Barboglio Ojo Candelabra
Ojo Rail Candle Holder Ojo Candlestick Ojo Candelabra
Handcrafted candle holder with mouth-blown glass votives suspended above a circle of glass. Made of iron. Approx. 9"Dia. x 37"W Handcrafted iron candle holder encapsulated by a circle of mouth-blown glass. Approx. 5"L x 11"T x 6"W. Handcrafted two-arm candelabra made of iron and glass. Approx. 8"L x 13"T x 24"W.

Jamie Young Hibiscus Leaf Candleholder Jan Barboglio Ojo Arbol Candle Holder Jan Barboglio Mesa Ojo Natural Table
Hibiscus Leaf Candleholder Ojo Arbol Candle Holder Mesa Ojo Natural Table
Gold leaf hibiscus leaf candleholder. Made of resin and glass. Approx. 4.8"Dia. x 7.5"T. Handcrafted candle holder with iron arms outstretched tall and wide. Features six mouth-blown glass votives suspended to hold candles. Approx. 6"L x 22"W x 38"T. Handcrafted drink table featuring a soaring candlestick with a cluster of pillars. Forged stand encapsulates a 4" mouth-blown glass disc. Made of iron. Approx. 12"L x 6"W x 27"T.


Ri-Ri-Ku Cube Candle Railroad Lantern Revere Steel Lantern
Bring a modern glow to your space with this cube-shaped paraffin wax candle by LA-based concept shop Ri-Ri-Ku. Made of rows of connected dogs, each candle is poured by hand and topped with a cotton wick for a clean burn. Unscented. A modern take on a 19th century railroad station lantern, this iron vessel is a unique, vintage-inspired home for pillar candles. Inspired by the classic New England lantern, this metallic version is crafted from durable steel.

Jamie Young Palm Leaf Candleholder Global Views Large Beaded Curve Triple Candleholder Jamie Young Banana Leaf Candleholder
Palm Leaf Candleholder Large Beaded Curve Triple Candleholder Banana Leaf Candleholder
Gold leaf palm leaf candleholder. Made of resin and glass. Approx. 5.8"Dia. x 10.3"T. Our Beaded Curved Triple Candleholders are polished brass with a natural, organic texture. The smaller size can nest in the larger to create a two level candleholder. Made of brass and bronze. Holds three 3"Dia. candles. Approx. 13.3"Dia. x 7.75"T. Gold leaf banana leaf candleholder. Made of resin and glass. Approx. 5.8"Dia. x 10.3"T.

Enchanted Flame Short Candleholder Jan Barboglio Jacinta Lighting D'Mesa Candelabra Jan Barboglio Copa Copota Candleholder
Enchanted Flame Short Candleholder
Enchanted Flame Tall Candleholder
Jacinta Lighting D'Mesa Candelabra Copa Copota Candleholder
Beautifully crafted golden candleholder. Aluminum and glass. Heart candelabra made of metal and glass. Votives included. Approx. 24"W x 19"D x 18"T. Hand-blown clear glass goblet with beaded iron stand. 5"Dia. x 6"T.

Jan Barboglio Copas Candelabra Candleholder Global Views Calade Pillar Candleholder - Medium
Fluted Pedestal Iron Tea Light Holders, Set of 2 Copas Candelabra Candleholder Calade Pillar Candleholder - Medium
Perfect for adding an elegant glow to the garden after sunset, this set of two tea light holders is defined by its exaggerated fluted silhouette and pedestal base. Forged three-arm candelabra with mouth-blown glass vessels on wax-cast iron base. 16"W x 8"D x 29"T. The Calade Pillar is an organic candleholder that creates a uniquely beautiful tablescape. Its organic forms create visual interest and can be layered or used alone. Holds two 3"Dia. pillar candles. Candles sold separately. Made of stone.

Jan Barboglio Pajaro D'Luz Candlestick Holder
Resin Birch Log Tealight Holder Pajaro D'Luz Candlestick Holder Concha Capiz Hurricane
Hand-painted for a unique, one-of-a-kind birch look, this resin tealight holder adds a natural touch to the tabletop or mantel. Graceful wax cast iron resting dove and forged candlestick holder with 6" wax grabber. Approx. 9"W x 6"D x 19"T. With a candle placed inside, this shimmering capiz lantern bestows a luminous glow in your home.

Whitehurst Smooth Candle Wax Pillar Whitehurst Smooth Candle Wax Pillar Whitehurst Smooth Candle Wax Pillar
Mirage pillars fit most standard candle holders, are remote ready and feature a programmable timer. Perfect for locations throughout your home, including hard-to- reach spots. Suitable for every decor and deliver ambience to all indoor settings. Mirage flameless LED candle. Mirage pillars fit most standard candle holders, are remote ready and feature a programmable timer. Perfect for locations throughout your home, including hard-to- reach spots. The deep hues pair beautifully with every decor and bring warmth to indoor settings. Mirage flameless LED candle. Mirage pillars fit most standard candle holders, are remote ready and feature a programmable timer. Perfect for locations throughout your home, including hard-to- reach spots. The deep hues pair beautifully with every decor and bring warmth to indoor settings. Mirage flameless LED candle. Product dimensions- 3" W x 5" H

Home Sweet Home Votive Horace Hurricane
Place a tea light in this dwelling to add a warmhearted feel to your decor. This versatile piece can be used as a hurricane for pillar candles to illuminate a tablescape - or can house your favorite plant. Hand-woven rattan, wood, glass

Elliot Candle Tray Starry Crown Tea Light Holders, Set of 4
Aluminum Designed exclusively by the terrain team to complement the popular starry crown collection, this set of four tea light holders adds a cosmic element to your tabletop or mantel.

Candle Sconces

Slide View: 1: Hammered Gold Sconce
Ariana Ost Twinkling Star Wall Taper Candle Holder Kenitra Sconce Hammered Gold Sconce
Set a starry, celestial mood in your space with this wall-mounted taper candle holder by Ariana Ost. Handmade brass bracket features star-shaped cutouts and a round slot for standard taper candles. Mounts to wall. Hand-painted iron Hand-painted iron

Jan Barboglio Cuatro Brazos Lighting D'Pared Candle Sconce Jan Barboglio Espiritu d'Pared Right Sconce
Cuatro Brazos Lighting D'Pared Candle Sconce Leaf Sconce Espiritu d'Pared Right and Left Sconces
Old world hacienda forged iron sconce with four arms and 4.5" wax grabbers. Approx. 25"W x 5"D x 20"T. Handcrafted iron  Iron dove sconce with glass insert. Rest atop a tabletop or hang on the wall. Use for candlelight, buds, or branches for its nest. Made of iron and glass. Approx. 12"W x 4"D x 11"T.

Jan Barboglio Luz D Pared Right Votive Wall Holder
Luz D Pared Right Votive Wall Holder Josefina Taper Candle Holder Wall Mirror
Handcrafted iron vines entwine mouth-blown glass votives for candlelight or fresh cut flowers. Approx. 16"L x 41"W x 4"T. Set the mood with just a touch of drama when you illuminate your wall display with this mirror featuring integrated taper candle holders on either side. Topped with a smooth metal frame.


Paddywax Glass Incense Holder Catherine Rising Incense Sticks, Set of 12 P.F. Candle Co. Incense
Tinted glass incense holder by Paddywax, rendered in inviting hues with an orb silhouette complete with a round, flat base. Features a hole for suspending stick incense at the center. Whether used in the bedroom, your home office, or a meditation space, these incense sticks impart a beautiful scent and a sense of calm. Each is hand-rolled in copal and lagrima resin, which have been used for thousands of years in spiritual practices to cleanse, purify, and heal. Natural charcoal incense by the apothecary experts at P.F. Candle Co. Hand-dipped in fine fragrance oil and packed with care in their LA studio, each kraft envelope contains 15 sticks that last an hour each! Simply place in a holder on a non-flammable surface, gently light the charcoal tip + extinguish then let the room fill with fragrance.


Zen Creature Incense Holder Man On The Moon Incense Holder + Ashtray Set Palo Santo Incense Stick - Set Of 3
Crafted from ceramic, this incense holder adds charm anywhere you place it. Set your sights on the stars with this vintage-look incense holder and ashtray set. Featuring 2 dishes - a crescent moon and man in the full moon, both made in a high-shine finish stoneware with etched detailing. Trio set of Palo Santo-scented incense sticks in a boho bundle with attached crystals for the best vibes. Burn one end and spread resinous smoke through your space to bring positive energy to your sanctuary.

Good & Well Supply Co. National Park Collection Incense Set Paddywax Haze Incense Incienso de Santa Fe Log Cabin Incense Burner Set
Hand-dipped incense cones from Good & Well Supply Co’s National Park Collection that celebrates nature. Housed in an eco-friendly, recyclable aluminum tin with a functional lid that can be used as a burning surface. Each cone will burn for 20-30 minutes with a scent longevity of 2-4 hours. Made vegan, cruelty-free and in small batches in Seattle, WA with no petroleum, GMOs, lead or phthalates. Set the scene with this set of stick incense by Paddywax. Features 100 sticks packaged in a lidded glass vessel that doubles as an incense holder so you can enjoy fresh scents whenever you’re in the mood. Recreate the cozy, secluded vibe of a log cabin in the woods with this incense burner set inspired by the scented bliss of the American west. Includes a handmade clay stand in the shape of a cabin, and a box of 20 piñon incense bricks. When burned, the smoke is a soft smell of evergreen trees. Created in New Mexico.

Botanica Incense Mushroom Incense Holder Mushroom Reed Diffuser
Set of 20 incense sticks by Botanica, carefully crafted to refresh your space with thoughtful scents made from quality fragrance blends and essential oils. Groovy metal incense holder with an antiqued finish, featuring an ovular tray base topped with a perforation for holding stick incense and a collection of little mushroom figures at the end.  Inspired by foraging through the forest, this diffuser features a mushroom-shaped glass vessel with a swirling, tinted finish and reeds that diffuse an earthy, fresh scent through your space.

Dip-Dyed Incense Holder Madison James Flyaway Sticks, Pack of 40 Bubble Incense Dish
Crafted from speckled stoneware in a minimalist design, this incense holder offers a stylish way to burn your favorite scents. A modern blend of Madison James geranium, Texas cedar, clove and other ingredients to keep unwanted mosquitoes, horseflies, hornets, and the common fly at bay. An essential for working in the field or garden, camping under the stars, or enjoying an evening grilling and dining in the backyard. Made in limited batches with highly effective ingredients and hand-packaged in a repurposed farm feed bag. Jannalyn P. Baily is the multi-media artist behind South Philadelphia's Curious Clay. A plant-lover and a pattern enthusiast, she handcrafts her one-of-a-kind clay objects with attention to unexpected forms, eclectic motifs and curated colors - ensuring her designs are as unique as they are delightful.

Mood Lamps

LED Flame Light Himalayan Salt Sunrise Alarm Clock Himalayan Salt Oil Warmer
Simulating the mesmerizing movement and radiance of a real fire, this LED torch light is a strikingly beautiful, safe alternative to real fire. With a magnetic base for multiple ways to secure it both indoors and out, this battery operated fire base gives off a compelling, fire-like moving flame that's warm and inviting. Rise and shine with rejuvenated vibes when you wake up to this sunrise-simulating alarm clock featuring a natural Himalayan salt base and wood-look top. Warm LEDs illuminate the time and temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius while emitting a cozy amber glow. Equipped with a snooze function. USB plug-in. Crafted from real Himalayan salt, this clever lamp casts a rosy glow and warms your favorite essential oil blends for a luxurious aromatherapy experience.

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